Episode 8 - US ⚽ Grassroots is FLAWED and it's Costing You

This is my MOST HONEST and BRUTUAL EPISODE YET...US ⚽ Grassroots is FLAWED and is DESIGNED for you to fail; that is if you want to play at the highest level in the world.

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There are 3 main reasons for this: 

1) American Clubs develop players for the MLS a (TOP 20 league) and NOT TOP 5 Leagues (PL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1)

2) $$$$$ 

3) Clubs across the country are NOT delivering 

As of now, if your goal is to play at the highest level in the World. You're best chance to have a SHOT at making it (especially after 12 years old) is to get to Europe or South America.

Listen to the EPISODE!



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