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Club Assistance and Development

 SIGNnow Sports offers assistance to clubs covering all aspects of   operations from financial to management to position specific to team   training to Director of Coaching (DOC) duties and consulting. We   deliver solutions that your club needs to reach the next level. 

"For players who are ready to work, the coaches at SIGNnow Sports will take their game to the next level. Absolutely necessary training for the serious soccer player!"

We deliver next level

solutions for your Club

SIGNnow Sports delivers customizable solutions designed to fit your club's specific needs. Please view the items below to get familiar with our services. We will put a package together after inspection of your club. If you are based outside Florida, please email us at to get started. 

 Coaching Support: 

- Coaching Courses and Clinics

- Session Preparation 

- Hiring Coaches

- Coaching Development

- Goalkeeping 

- Age Appropriate Training 

- Offensive and Defensive Tactics

- Set Piece Tactics

- Position Specific Assistance


- Age Appropriate Training

- Ball Mastery Training

- Goalkeeping Training for all ages 

- Attacking Principles Training

- Defensive Principles Training

- Futsal Training (all aspects) 

- Beach Soccer Training

- Soccer Tennis Training 

- Futvolley Training 

- Off-Season Training

- Pre-Season Training

- Tryout Support


Management & Financial: 

- Weekly Visits

- Monthly Newsletter

- Weekly Updates

- Phone Support

- Fulfill Role as DOC

- BOD Meetings Support 

- Budget Assistance

- Sponsorship Assistance 

- Establishing a Club Identity 

- Improving Branding

- Parent Education

- Establishing Long-Term Goals


 Program Assistance: 

- Recreational Management

- Competitive Management

- Seasonal Events (Halloween)

- Weekly Goalkeeper Training

- Weekly Skills Training

- Position Specific Training

- Camps and Clinics 

- Player Sponsorships

- College Recruiting

- Futsal Integration 



Player Assistance: 

- Nutrition Guide

- Player Pathway Guide

- College Recruiting Seminars 

- College Recruiting Information

- Player Advising and Consulting

- Professional Tryouts

- College Tryouts



Club Development: 

- Marketing and Social Media

- Team of the Month

- Community Involvement

- Curriculum Support

- Player and Coaches Contracts

- Volunteer Support 

- Networking

- Family Involvement 



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