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Player Mentorship

SIGNnow Sports offers aspiring collegiate or professional players the

opportunity to be mentored and guided by the

#1 ⚽ Skills Trainers in North America

who are former players who have been through the same process and understand how to help.


We have developed: 


* College Freshman of the Year

* International Soccer Players


* Development Academy (DA) Players


Do you or your child truly know what his or her strengths and weaknesses are as a player both on an individual team standpoint? 
Do you get the detailed feedback you need from your club team, school team, or college coaches to help their short term and long term development?
The Problem:
1) 99% of coaches don't have the time or resources to deliver the necessary information for you as a player to understand what you need to improve. They have too many other things to manage.
2) A win at all cost mindset instead of development. Most coaches at the youth, high school and college level job's are on the line. The pressure is on and mistakes are viewed as a catastrophe instead of a learning moment to help you improve. It's a race to win this year's December Cup Trophy...
We provide a service to evaluate your son or daughter in their development as a soccer player. We identify strengths and weaknesses and provide solutions to help them be the best they can be. 

This Mentorship process will enable your child to have the best feedback to get to the next level of their game as we deliver: 


  1. Observation of the player at two competitive club games

  2. A report reviewing all aspects of the player's performances (technical, tactical, physical and mental)

  3. Identification of the player's strengths and weaknesses as an individual and as a team player

  4. A program designed to help them improve these specific areas of concern

  5. A Meeting with parents and player to discuss final conclusions on what to do to move forward

  6. Specific Goal setting for short and long-term development for each player

  7. Self Evaluation: Offering professional advice and information on how players can self-evaluate throughout the season and cope with a negative environment. Includes self-talk, visualization, and mental transition.


Cost: $495.

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