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Educational Seminars

SIGNnow Sports delivers seminars designed for aspiring players and their families to learn many necessary topics about reaching the next level including pathways on how to reach the DA, college and professional levels. Our staff also covers explains and simplifies how the American System works, the importance of nutrition, player recruiting and exposure. 


We've notice that a majority of families are unfamiliar with the American Soccer Landscape and do not know how to play DA, get into college or become a professional. We set out to provide education and answers to simplify the pathway.

American Soccer Seminar (Family Favorite!)


We discuss and cover topics including...

✔ The importance of nutrition

✔ The American soccer landscape and how it works

✔ College Road-map 

✔ Professional road-map

✔ America's Pay to Play vs. Europe's Compensation For Formation 


 College Recruiting Seminar (Designed for Players 14+)

✔ How to be scouted/recruited

✔ Importance of grades and good test scores

✔ What college coaches look for

✔ What to achieve during each year of high school

✔ Should I play high school soccer?

✔ Should I go to college camps?

✔ How to communicate with college coaches

✔ Parent Roles

✔ & so much more!

Pricing starts at $25 per family*

*Price may be higher if facility rental costs are more than $25 an hour.




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