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There are always a lot of questions when it comes to soccer. What exercises should I do? How many times a week? When will I see results? Below are answers to some of the most common questions we've gotten.

Why are we different?

At SIGNnow Sports, we are raising the bar and looking to revolutionize the industry. All our trainings especially for the players between 7-14 focus on Ball Mastery and technical development. Around the world, this kind of training takes precedent and it shows with some of the best players in the world able to preform at such high intricate levels.

What kind of training do we emphasize?

We use proven and successful training methods used around the world that emphasizes Ball Mastery training. This is specifically targeted for the players between 7-14. This allows players to maximize their touches on the ball per practice and offer the greatest opportunity for long term development.

However, Ball Mastery training never ends and it takes hours of repetition and constant refinement to reach the next level.

What is Ball Mastery?

Ball Mastery is the ability to manipulate the ball to your advantage to unlock your potential. If you can manipulate the ball, you have the potential to unlock your potential and dominate the game.

All the best players in the world have mastered the soccer ball. It is the fundamental piece to becoming a complete player.

How quick can I see results?

We always tell all parents and players that we can show all the exercises and training methods needed to improve your game. It's up to the players to be willing to work hard and look to improve every single time they are on the pitch.

Unfortunately, doing the correct type of training takes the longest amount of time to show results. Typically it takes about two weeks (with constant Ball Mastery training at least four times a week) to really see the progress and growth.

What is Futsal?

Futsal is basically the indoor version of soccer. It is the ONLY indoor game endorsed by FIFA. The sport is very similar to basketball as it is a 5v5 game that is high energy, high octane, back and forth action that uses rotations (similar to basketball plays) to unlock games. There are no walls, and the game fully relies on the skill and ability of the players to win games. The futsal ball is smaller and much heavier than a standard soccer ball which eliminates bounces.

How can futsal help me?

Because futsal is played on a court roughly the size of a baksetball court, you have to be technically superior, think and play faster to be successful. You can't hide or not be as involved like in soccer. If one player doesn't play, you lose 25% of your team (based solely on four field players). Futsal really focuses and develops overall ball control, speed of play, speed of thought and encourages creativity. It also really focuses on attacking principles such as movement on and off the ball, player inter-changing, and creating overloads to make goal-scoring opportunities.

Futsal is a common practice around the world and many of the world's best players including Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, and Ronaldinho credit futsal to their development in their youth.

We like using futsal extensively with the younger players to encourage their overall development. It can also be used with the older players to assist with refining their game.

What is our refund policy?

A Full Refund will be given upon written request (email) two or more weeks (14 days or more) before the start of the Training Opportunity.

A 50% Refund will be given upon written request (email) between seven and fourteen (7-14) days before the start of the Training Opportunity.

No Refunds will be granted six (6) days prior to the start of the Training Opportunity.

SIGNnow Sports reserves the right to substitute any unused Training Opportunities participation as a partial or full credit instead of refunds to a future Training Opportunity.

Partial or full credit based on pricing of the two Training Opportunities.

If the already paid for Training Opportunity cost $150, but the exchanged Training Opportunity cost $200, you will still owe $50 to cover the remaining cost.

For one on one, small group training or our soccer school, we will give a full refund for ONLY the unused training sessions. Sessions that have already been completed will not be refunded.