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Experience Next Level Training FREE!

We get it. Next Level Training sounds tough, but don't worry, it's a great time for all players. We are so confident, you are welcome to try the Training program one time for FREE!


We introduce to you the exact training methods that we have used to develop countless players to play:

Development Academy (DA)

 Collegiate Soccer

Two were invited to France to train with one of the World's Best clubs


Just pick either Monday, Tuesday or Thursday at your allotted training time and come to the session! You will need to fill out a form to participate. 


6:00 - 7:15 PM (Ages: 2012 - 2007) 

7:30 - 8:45 PM (Ages: 2006 - 2002)


We completely focus on everything needed for players to improve their game to help them get ready for the spring season. We cover: 


Ball Mastery / 1v1 Duels

First Touch 

Passing & Receiving 

Crossing & Finishing 

Shooting & Finishing 

Small Sided Games

Not quite sure if training with North America's #1 Technical Soccer Trainers is for you? Come Experience: 

The Try it, You'll Like It

Free Soccer Training Event!

Please use the drop-down menu below "select" to pick the correct program. You must purchase Saturday sessions separately from weekday training.


FREE eBook


4 Key Actions To Become A Next Level Soccer Player

These effective actions are CRUCIAL for players who want to transform their game and will make  them stand out from the competition.

 "Anyone who has a child who plays soccer should read this eBook, especially if your child has a passion for the game and wants to play at a higher level one day!"

- Keri, parent

Parents and players of all ages from Central Florida are discovering that developing next level players requires more than training with only each player's club team. In order for soccer (football) players to reach the next level, they need to develop and refine their skills and discover ways to stay ahead of the competition to get identified and recruited.

Now you can find out how they are getting results on and off the field.

In this eBook, you will discover: 


✔ The key numbers behind reaching the next level

✔ The importance of game and highlight film

✔ What American Players need more of

✔ The world's best developmental tool

✔ The importance of Ball Mastery Training 

✔ Where coaches scout and recruit players

✔ Plus, other great secrets and useful actions to transform your game and make you stand out

Ready For More?

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