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Football/Soccer Talk Show

Hosted by Kyle and Mitchell Wilson of SIGNnow Sports


About Next Level Football

The Next Level Football Show (NLFS) takes an in-depth look at the global game delivering insight on grassroots football, analyzing the problem with player development in America, providing education on reaching the next level and offering reflection on professional games from all over the world.

Watch and Listen Anywhere

We are LIVE every Sunday night at 6 PM starting. You can watch our show on Facebook Live on the SIGNnow Sports Facebook page... We will also be delivering podcast to listen at a later date through Itunes. We're ready to talk football. Are you? 

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Who's Behind The NLFS?

The people behind the NLFS are Kyle and Mitchell Wilson. Two brothers, two former Next Level Players, fans of the sport, and want to provide their unique tastes regarding the "beautiful" game and it's growth and difficulties in America and around the world.

The Leaders of Player Development in Central FL

Kyle and Mitchell, with the company SIGNnow Sports have developed EIGHT players to Play Development Academy (DA) and two players were invited to France for an Training Experience with one of the World's Biggest Clubs.

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