#ThePROJourney Podcast delivers insight into how to become a PRO Player.

#ThePROJourney is a 10-Year (+) player development adventure to reach the pinnacle of the sport domestically or internationally.

#ThePROJourney will challenge the status quo of the American Youth Soccer Landscape as we discuss, question and dive into the PROCESS needed to make the DREAM a reality.

#ThePROJourney is and will be a brutally honest podcast with nothing held back. Be prepared.
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Episode 24 - Future Pro Checklist

"A FFF scout said the following, player's don't make the grade due to a lack of talent. No, they fail because they do not have the mental fortitude or HUNGER to fight through adversity.  Here is a PART of my FUTURE PRO CHECKLIST." 

Episode 22 - Scouting: Are You Good Enough?

Just like the title says, Are you good enough? Listen to find out how scouts determine if you really are GOOD enough for whatever level you're trying to reach: High School, College, Pro Academy, or Professional.

Episode 16 - The Single Most IMPORTANT Question to Ask

If you have a son/daughter or you are the player that WANTS to go and play professionally in the future. This question is critical! This will give you either the positive or negative confirmation you need to make the best-informed decisions. 

Episode 8 - US ⚽ Grassroots is FLAWED and it's Costing You

US ⚽ Grassroots is FLAWED and is DESIGNED for you to fail; that is if you want to play at the highest level in the world. There are 3 main reasons for this: 1) Club Development Model 1) $$$$ 3) Not Delivering what's necessary