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How to End Soccer Insanity in 2 Steps

March 3, 2018


Albert Einstein once said:


The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.


So why in the world do people continue to do the same thing within soccer and expect a miracle?!?!?


I see this all the time around the country. Parents pay clubs thousands of dollars for their children to play 'competitive soccer' and they expect that their child gets better with all aspects of their game, but instead, the development results never arrive.


Many of these same families go from club to club because they want the development results just like they are promised from these organization's 'leaders' and 'directors'...


Instead, they (the clubs) skip the single most important part of development and they don't make you the priority. Then combine that with players not doing enough training outside of club practice on their own or with a private trainer and it shows all over the pitch. Misplaced passes, players unable to control the ball, and a clear lack of confidence....


Your child's development has taken a back seat to filling the quota of winning games and picking-up meaningless trophies at the U10, U12, U14 level.



Well, today is your lucky day. I will share with you how we can end this:


Step 1:


Make a CHANGE and stop jumping from club to club and focus on where your child's soccer development will actually come from....


Your child's BEST development will come from Training AWAY from Team Practice. 


I highly recommend getting a private trainer. In America, this is EXACTLY what you must do to get results, to transform your game and to supercharge your child's confidence.


You can work with the #1 Technical Soccer Trainer in North America and get some amazing results if your child comes ready to work HARD


The following is an email I received recently from a parent that I privately train and I want to know if this sounds familiar:


"We have been disappointed with all the promises ______ gave us when joining there. You made a really good point that we have been pondering. Have we seen a marked improvement in _______ skills since September...? We haven't been overly impressed."


Step 2:


Don't Believe the HYPE.


For almost every single soccer club the focus is on winning and getting results that is how they attract more kids to their program. 


If they "pitch"....


'We have won the most at U10.' or


'We have the best players at U12' or


'We can make your child a professional' or


'We have won the most trophies' or


'We will take him/her to Europe in 1 year' or


'We will get him/her a college scholarship' 


They are trying to get you into their program because once you're locked in, most of them make you sign a year agreement and they won't let you out. 


Here is a real-life example:  


I train a player privately who plays for a club because they were told 'they have the best program for their age group' and they haven't seen their child get better and they have been there since August 2017, but after 2 sessions with me, they 'already see the development and improvement'.


If you are tired of all the crazy things you hear on the soccer field, and you haven't seen any results (with development), I'm ready to show you everything you need to actually improve....


Click Here to Learn More!



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