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SIGNnow Sports Showed the World that Americans can not only Play Futsal - They can WIN!

September 1, 2017

SIGNnow Sports competed at the World Futsal Championships this past August and won GOLD and SILVER with their 07/08 and 05/06 teams!


SIGNnow Sports World Futsal Championship Highlight Video



SIGNnow Sports is a leading soccer and futsal training company in the Central Florida market. They offer training services designed to accelerate soccer player development by focusing on the key components, that are usually neglected, in order to reach the next level. SIGNnow began by emphasizing technical development using Ball Mastery Training (BMT). “We took a step back and looked at where players in this market were lacking,” said Kyle Wilson, Director of Player Development at SIGNnow Sports. “We began our journey focusing on Ball Mastery Training and we use futsal as our tool to get players thousands of touches, to think and play even faster, improve decision-making and to promote creativity.”


This process began exactly one year ago, when SIGNnow Sports rolled out their Ball Mastery Training program in soccer, and in March 2017, SIGNnow was able to expand into futsal. “We opened a weekly futsal training program that garnered huge success,” said Mitchell Wilson, Assistant Director of Player Development at SIGNnow Sports. “We saw the demand and wanted to push it even further; we applied for and were accepted into the World Futsal Championships.” Mario Casamalhuapa presented the idea of the World Futsal Championships and with his assistance, SIGNnow Sports registered an 05/06 team in the Alevin division. Seven of the nine members of the squad were developed under the SIGNnow Sports Ball Mastery Training system, and they went out to see if they could compete against the world’s best futsal clubs. The only problem, they had less than two months of futsal training in preparation for the tournament, and most of the players had never even played the game.


“We brought these players in and we worked extremely hard to get results,” said Mitchell Wilson. “We simplified the game by emphasizing the importance of keeping the ball, and developing rotational movements to score.” Then the week before the tournament, SIGNnow was able to get an 07/08 team registered in the Benjamin division. They gave young players an opportunity to experience an elite futsal tournament. SIGNnow even brought in one of the world’s best futsal coaches from Belgium, Coach Walter Bartlotti, to guide the 05/06 team in the tournament. Coach Bartolotti is the head coach of a professional futsal team, has experience competing in the Futsal Champions League and has been involved with futsal for over 30 years during his professional playing and coaching career. "He is easily one of the best in the industry as a coach and our team was fortunate to have his expertise," said Mitchell Wilson. 


SIGNnow played some top teams from around the world including the reigning world champions from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro Futsal Club, Hyper Futsal, FC Legacy, Elite Futsal Charleston, CP Athletic from Bermuda and Dallas ISD a school district in Texas. 


SIGNnow achieved incredible results. Their 07/08 team won GOLD and the 05/06 team won SILVER. “We showed the world that Americans can play real futsal,” said Kyle Wilson. “People from all around the world including the reigning world champions approached us about our team’s performances and they could not believe how well Americans could play.”



With their success, SIGNnow Sports is in the final stages of forming their own futsal club to improve players year-round. “Futsal skills translate to a much higher level of skill on the soccer pitch,” said Kyle Wilson “We will be using futsal as a complement to soccer.” The time is right for futsal to finally take off in Central Florida and SIGNnow Sports intends to be the catalyst.


To learn more about SIGNnow Sports and their futsal program: visit

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